The whole region around the Peloponnese coastline attracts mild winds and offers great sailing conditions. Winds are for the most part, insignificant and the waters are considered easy to intermediate to sail on.

Saronic Gulf and Peloponese

A short distance from Athens, the Saronic Gulf represents one of the most beautiful yachting areas in Greece. As such, there are many ports and harbours in this region. By travelling just beyond the Saronic Gulf and into the Argolic Gulf you’ll find historic sights, beautiful villages, and quiet and peaceful anchorages.

Cape Sounion

Cape Sounion is a breathtakingly beautiful area with several anchorages that give access to historical sites. The most important and prominent of these is the Poseidon temple overlooking the Aegean Sea.

The Saronic Islands

The Saronic Islands consist of 6 islands each offering a very unique experience:

Hydra is a remarkable island still using donkey transport. With no cars and virtually no signs of modernization this cosmopolitan island provides a peaceful and relaxing destination.

Angistri is a small island often used by the Greeks as a holiday location. This means that prices are refreshingly low compared to other islands. The beaches offer shallow and safe water.

Yachts moored at Poros, Greece

Poros is filled with scented pine trees and largely unspoiled by modern architecture. It is another Saronic Island that combines tranquility seamlessly with a popular party destination. Clubs, bars, and tavernas can be found lining the promenade between Neorio Beach and Askeli Beach as well as in the capital, Poros Town.

Aegina is enveloped in incredible beaches, the Temple of Afea, the Medieval Town of Palia Chora and Kolona, the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. Aegina is surprisingly quiet for an Island so close to Athens.

Salamis, locally nicknamed Koulouri, is the largest Saronic Island and is well known for the Battle of Salamis led by Themistocles in 480BC. Entertainment is easy to find on Salamis with many bars, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

Spetses Old Harbour

Spetses is a quiet island that boasts a multitude of pine trees along with some exquisitely quiet beaches and bays. The architecture of the island is largely historical with few signs of modern life.

Argo-Saronic Islands

If you happen to have a second week available we would highly recommend sailing the Argolic Gulf with impressionable harbours like Navplion, Khadairi, Kiparissi and Monemvassia.

Bourtzi Island, the largest of the three Argo-Saronic Islands with the fantastic castle of Bourtzi now stands as a historical landmark but also being used occasionally to house music festivals.

The Coast

The Attic coast of the Saronic Gulf is largely a mountainous region. Scenic views mask barren and difficult coastlines. Beyond this mountainous region the coast becomes an eclectic mix of ancient archaeological sites and modern buildings. The combination represents an important part of Greek heritage with archaeologists and residents having battled over their own individual rights.