For the Organiser

  • Why are people coming to specialist sailing holiday companies like Getaway Sailing? +

    People are turning to us more and more, because they are looking for a trusted advisor for a holiday they may not have done before. With the amount of information available online it can be overwhelming and even if you invest 20 hours researching these holidays you won't have the necessary expertise to confidently answer and decide the following:

    1. Which is the right boat for your party (how many people are legally allowed onboard? how many WC/showers are for guest use versus crew use? is the cabin for the skipper included or excluded in published cabin numbers for the website you're reading? what can you expect the running costs to be?)

    2. We are the only company with in-depth information about Croatia and Greece for sailing holidays. We only offer these destinations

    3. How to compare prices when the yachts have different specifications, and are all local check-in fees included in the price or are you left to work out all the extras and do additional calculations yourself and still not be aware of what can be hidden charges?

    4. In-house professional skipper team rather than pot-luck agency skippers

  • What is included in the price? +

    All inclusions will be specified in our offer and in your Booking Confirmation. The following are included in our live website pricing:

    the yacht or catamaran and accommodation, skipper, bed linen, shower towels, dinghy and outboard (second smaller boat with backup engine), transit log (registering your passport details with the Port Authorities), end cleaning of the boat and Croatian Tourist Taxes.

  • How do the trips work? +

    The boat is your accommodation and transport between the Islands. When you want to swim we go to anchor near a beach or bay so you can swim in picturesque locations and with shallow water. When you want to sail to the next island we up-anchor and head to the next port so by the end of the week you've explored and seen a number of different destinations :)

  • How do your prices work? +

    The Getaway Sailing 'Total Price' includes all of the obligatory and mandatory extras that all companies must charge you at check-in. We are the only company to have an Advance Team to pay all these local cash payments on your behalf from your charter fee.

    For this reason you will see in your search results that 'Payable at Check-in' is 0.00 for all whole yacht bookings from these marinas in Athens, Dubrovnik, and Split.

    We therefore don't need to publish complicated extras lists beneath each yacht. If you have any questions, we are happy for you to compare us to any offer you receive and already know we'll have the best price.

    The items already in our 'Total Price' are: Bed Linen, Dinghy & Outboard (small second boat and engine), End Cleaning, Skipper, Tourist Taxes, and Transit Log.

    We are the only company to display the Total Price for every boat which is super quick for you to see the real cost.

  • What happens with food? +

    You have two options for food on Sailing Yacht and Catamaran trips:

    1. Simple breakfast and lunch preparation that you can do yourself before departing the harbour or swimming spot, and for dinners of an evening select an onshore restaurant  OR

    2. Book one of our friendly hostesses who will do all the breakfast, lunch and snacks preparation plus one evening meal throughout the week. The other meals will be taken at onshore restaurants. Note: Our hostess will need onboard accommodation and will share a double cabin with the skipper. The additional cost for a hostess is from EUR 780-1050 per week depending on the start date of your holiday, the departure marina and hostess experience.

  • Is there a set itinerary? +

    It really depends on what type of trip you're looking for because we offer waiting until you arrive and tailoring the trip each day to you, or booking one of our set itineraries so you know the islands and places you can visit along the way. Note: When you book a Cabin on a shared yacht or book onto a flotilla, these itineraries are set.

  • Do we need a licence or experience? +

    No. The skipper has the qualifications and experience to sail the yacht or catamaran you book.

  • What is a typical day? +

    Our days are at a leisurely pace and we suggest sailing routes that allow us to take our time so if there are dolphins and turtles we'll slow down so you can watch and take photos or if you'd like another swim we can do that.

    On a private yacht tour you decide how much time you want on islands or out swimming from the boat each day.

    Typically we leave harbour 9.30-11am and arrive between 2-6pm. We stop frequently so you can jump in the water for swims and water fun. Allow 2 hours from morning departure to a swim stop, lunch at the swimstop for 2 hours, then 2 hours to our destination harbour.

    For guests interested in sailing we'll make our plans around the expected wind speed and direction so you can enjoy being under sail for a bit longer.

    For our cabin bookings, the departure time is around 10am and the arrival time is around 4pm.

  • How will we find the boat on the first day? +

    We send you a detailed Welcome Pack with a map, official google address of the marina, and all transport options from arrival hubs to the marina. We can also prebook Private Transfers so you will have a driver meeting you and bringing you to the embarkation point.

  • Which months are best for sailing holidays? +

    The yachting holiday season in Croatia and Greece is from April to October. The warmest period is between mid July and mid August which is also the peak period when most of Europe is on holidays.

    If you prefer to travel away from the crowds, May-June and the end of August-October are preferable when the weather is still pleasant. We have also had warm days in the first two weeks in November in the last few years. 

  • What days do your holidays start and finish? +

    Our guaranteed 7 night tours start and finish on these days:

    - Saturday to Saturday - Athens, Dubrovnik and Split

    - Sunday to Sunday - selected boats from Dubrovnik and Split

    - Wednesday to Wednesday - selected boats from Split

    For Tailored Private Yacht Tours we are here to check you in on most other days. It is practical for short trips to start up until Monday or Tuesday and we do offer shorter trips depending on availability so email us for further information.

  • How many passengers can book onto a yacht? +

    For our group tours the maximum is 8 on any one yacht or catamaran. If you are organising a private yacht tour we have yachts and catamarans for up to 13 guests. We will let you know the maximum number possible throughout the enquiry.

  • Will I have Wifi/internet and phone reception? +

    Yes. You will have phone and internet reception if you are sailing from Dubrovnik, Split or Athens. Wifi is also onboard most of the yachts. Please ask us in advance if this is important to you so we can confirm it for the yacht you're enquiring about.

    Onshore - there will also be wifi in cafes, restaurants and bars. 

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